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I am a quick-moving technical creative with extensive experience designing and building mobile apps.

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Over 150 million people have used my apps. The code I write for you will be robust, fast, scalable, and secure. Whether you want a rich social-media integration that will help your product go viral, or a bulletproof data-transfer engine, I've got you covered.

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Far from just slinging code, I have a refined design sense and an in-depth knowledge of platform guidelines that builds on my creative practice. Creating a branded experience that feels 'at home' on iOS, Android or desktop isn't easy, but it's what it takes to bring users back to your app again and again.

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But you want more than rock-solid tech. You want advice. Guidance. Wisdom. Whether you're launching a first app or a tenth, having an experienced technical voice on your strategy team can add what it takes to make sure your project delivers the value you're looking for.

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Major team project: Design & develop iPad version of Shazam app.
  • Featured by Apple online and in physical Apple stores worldwide
  • +70% increase in weekly installs from a baseline of 100,000
  • +23% lift in clickthrough to iTunes store
  • +150% increase in user engagement
  • Completed project on a team with four other developers, on time and above spec
Major individual project: Concept & development of Shazam "listening" animation
  • Realtime FFT of incoming sound drives procedurally-drawn brand logo animation
  • Owned feature from concept to release
  • Very well-received in reviews and on social media


A game controlled by singing.
  • Developed at University of Cambridge's Centre for Music and Science
  • Press attention in BBC Music Magazine, TechCrunch, ClassicFM, Festival of Ideas, musicLearningLive!Asia, and iTV
  • 4.5+ star rating on App Store
  • Custom pitch engine for note detection on mobile devices


Shaker instrument that actually sounds and plays like a real instrument
  • Physical-modeling accelerometer-based percussive fun
  • Released with Sleigh Bells as free instrument for Christmas 2013
  • Seven instruments available through in-app purchase
  • 5-star rating on the App Store

Originally from Chicago, I am now based in South-West England. As a child, I won Best Mission at SpaceCamp.

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