One of the most popular apps of all time; I made the main screen move to music.


Friends don’t let friends date alone.


A game controlled by singing.


Like Tinder, but for cuddling. WIRED top 100 app.


Full design & build of privacy-first social app.

Biomimetic electronics

What is it like to be a cell? To play with a colony?


Physical-modeling jingle bells app.

ShapeNote app

Companion app for rural shout-singing.

Homer: Kids Learn to Read App

Helping a team pivot to Swift, introduce automated testing, navigate an acquisition, and level up their product.

TEDxBath: Echoes of the City

“How I see Music Using Code”

The Sea Was Never Blue

Algorithmic videos for live performance.

Teaching Swift

Developed and delivered one-week course for Bay Area developers new to the iOS platform.

Swift video series

Swift Bootcamp video series for Softworld.

Finding a Voice: Research Apps

Using apps to bring music-perception research outside the lab.